The most beautiful marine species in Nice, Cannes and in the Var to meet

In the Delphinidae family, there are 44 different species including 26 species of dolphins. In the Mediterranean, there are 8 common species we can meet during one "swimming with dolphins" day.


The striped dolphin:

-Also called “Dauphin de Téthys

-Two separate groups in the Northern Mediterranean that don't mix: 2 different languages, only young breeders perform "cultural" stays of a few weeks in the opposite group (renewal of genes)


The bottlenose dolphin:

Also called Grand Dauphin

It is Flipper the dolphin

It is the species found (unfortunately) indolphinariums.

Bottlenose dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror and use it to inspect different parts of their body


The Risso Dolphin:

Also called Grampus

It's a gray dolphin, with white scratches due to his mating jousts

Risso dolphins often swim away from each other as a "front line".

We don't know why, but it is often does “headstands”, with its tail out of the water.


The Mediterranean pilot whale:

also called pilot whale

One of the most sociable dolphins and very curious about humans, always seeks to encounter them.

Once humans meet him in the water, he'll always stay beside the shell waiting for the swimmers to come back to see him.


The fin whale:

Up to 25 m and 70 tons in the Mediterranean, the 2nd largest animal in the world (after the blue whale)

It can live 80 years

Its breath is powerful and straight


Sperm whale:

18 m for 40tonnes

It is able to dive to over 3000 m deep and stay more than 60 minutes under water, it descends at a speed of more than 170 m/min. It is the record holder of deep diving.

His breath is directed upward, slightly forward and left, very powerful and can be heard up to 1 Km.


Cuvier’s Whale:

Also called beaked whale

An often lonely and very discreet Animal

It resembles a long Dolphin of 7 m.

It’s deep diving rivals that of the sperm whale


Other encounters:


The loggerhead sea turtle:

It strongly resembles the green sea turtle of the tropical seas, only the arrangement to the scales is different. Nonchalantly swimming in the surface the majority of time, it often hides small fishes that lie beneath it.


Leatherback sea turtle:

The biggest turtle in the world. With its 600 Kg and its 2m length, it dives up to more than 1000 m deep and for up to 80 min.

It has no scales and is shaped like a ship's hull.


Mobula ray:

Close to the manta ray, the Mobula manta can reach 5 m. They often come to see swimmers after an encounter with dolphins. Some seasons, we can see them jump completely out of the water.

They feed on plankton.



Also known as Mola, this fish is as high as it is long. Poor swimmer, it is often found drifting on the surface, offering its flank to seagulls to rid him of parasitic small crustaceans stuck on its skin. 

Did you know? 

Studies show that dolphins have distinct personalities, a strong sense of self, and that they are able to project themselves into the future.

They use a complex communication system that allows them to identify themselves as an individual and recognize each other. Like the great apes, they are able to reason and use tools to achieve a goal.

The dolphins recently have been recognized as "the most intelligent animal species after humans ", scientists suggesting that this intelligence makes them deserve to be treated as "non-human persons".


India recently has recognized the dauphins as non-human persons, thus prohibiting its captivity (2013)

India is the 4th country to ban the captivity of cetaceans, after Chile, Costa Rica, and Hungary.