The Moguntia

The boat that will take you swim with the dolphins and whales off the coast of the French Riviera - Departing form Antibes Vauban harbor

The deep keel and weight of the Moguntia offer great stability to the rolling and heeling. Manufactured by Hatteras, sturdiness and speed are to be expected.

Powered by two Detroit Diesel 500 HP, the boat offers a consistent speed to reach destinations very quickly.

The Moguntia is equipped with:

-2 500 HP engines

-GPS / Tracker


-Video sonar


-Audio equipment

-Spacious outside cockpit with comfortable seats

-Large rear space for getting in the water and a rear deck protected from the Sun, providing the freshness of the offshore.

-Vast front Sunbathing space and a flybridge with mattresses for a sunny relaxation area.

-2 bathrooms

-A living room and air-conditioned rooms that can accommodate up to 6 people

-Outdoor shower

-A refrigerator

 The crew:

Your captain swum with whales since his childhood, he has 22 years of deep see experience.

Your instructor is a State certified diving instructor, He is recognized internationally in freediving competitions.


Your captain, Jean-Christophe Cane

40 years old, Jean-Christophe is born into a family of deep-sea fishermen, a trade that is passed down for 5 generations. With passion, he goes to meet these marine mammals since his childhood.

His deep-sea experience is diverse: from the age of 18 years, he juggled operating a marine farm at Cap d'Antibes, the job of a deep-sea fishing Captain in the Mediterranean as well as charters and escorts.

In recent years, Jean-Christophe specialized in swimming with cetaceans and sport fishing thanks to the acquisition of a ship which allows for an effective, specific and comfortable chartering.

Diplomas: 200Tx Captain, Professional diver, Medical 2, First aid, Radio operator...


Your instructor, Marick Leherisse

Fascinated by the underwater world since his early childhood, Marick specializes in diving.

A safety freediver on international freediving AIDA Championships of 2012 and 2013.

He has many experiences in France and abroad as well as several mandatory degrees for instructing a group of people.

BEES 1 Freediving

Open Water Scuba Instructor PADI, Full cave diver IANTD,

AIDA Freediving instructor.