General conditions of Sale

Article 1 - Purpose

By validating the purchase of our website’s products, booking one or several places or gift vouchers, on board of the ship for a day (or half day) "Swim with the dolphins" or "Sport fishing" in a group, the Subscriber adheres without exception or reservation to the General conditions of sale.


Article 2 - Booking

The booking becomes effective once the amount of the bought places is partly or fully paid. A right to cancellation is open starting from the subscription date for 7 days.  Pas it, the purchase is validated and no refund can be made.

The price of the place includes: the insured ship and its armament, a skipper Captain 200, an instructor, a meal and the rental of equipment for swimming or fishing. EXOCET SARL reserves the right to cancel if the number of persons making up the group is not sufficient (minimum 6 people) or if the weather does not allow to go to sea. EXOCET SARL will propose one or more other trip dates to the buyers.

In case where these dates would not be suitable for the customers, booking will turn into a gift voucher usable in a period of 3 years (the year of subscription of the reservation + 2 years). There will be no refund.


Article 3 - Abandonment

In case of abandonment, the amounts paid are not refunded.

The Subscriber cannot change his date of reservation more than 21 days before the date of reservation.

All changes made in the 21 days ahead of schedule will result in losing the payments made by the Subscriber.

Any abandonment during your rental period will not entitle you to any refund.


Article 4 - Insurance

Liability, insurance charter.

The personal belongings of passengers are not covered by the insurance of the ship.

In case of non-respect of the material (fittings, indoors and outdoors facilities, security and electronic material, etc.) or loss of equipment (binoculars, compass, hooks, fishing equipment, swimming equipment, etc.) replacement will be the responsibility of the renter.

Billing of equipment of swimming for loss or breakage: mask or Palm (s): €20 the unit.


Article 5 - Weather and safety

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, the captain may decide to not sail, or change the planned sailing program. In the case of rental by the day or half day, the captain may decide to move the trip date by one or several days. In which case, if the new dates would not be suitable for the clients, booking will turn into vouchers usable in a period of 3 years (the year of subscription of the reservation + 2 years).

There will be no refund.

For any beginning of damage found during the rental, the program can also be changed to make the necessary preventive repairs. Which doesn’t give the right to any refund.

For reasons of security and hygiene, it is forbidden to smoke on board.


Article 6 - Force majeure

Will be considered as a case of force majeure any fact or circumstance irresistible, external to the parties, unpredictable, inevitable, independent of the will of the parties and which cannot be prevented by the latter, despite all efforts reasonably possible.

In the event of force majeure, tickets will not be refunded. Reservations may however be moved within 3 years from the initial date of day trip.


Article 7 - Skills and behaviors on board

To board the ship, you must know how to swim and be medically fit to practice sailing and swimming. It is strongly advised that the children are older than seven years.

Minors of less than 15 years old must necessarily be accompanied by an adult and stay under his responsibility.

The responsibility of EXOCET SARL and its staff may not be engaged in any way, if a passenger were to have any medical problems.

Passengers must follow to the letter the instructions of the crew.

SARL EXOCET and its crew cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury to a customer, on board or in the water, caused by animals, fishing equipment, weather conditions, or any other elements.


Article 8 - Right to the image

The Subscriber authorizes the shooting and the publication of the pictures and videos on which he appears; And this, on different media (written, audiovisual and electronic) and without time limit. He also recognizes that the potential uses could not infringe his privacy and, more generally, are not likely to hurt him or cause him any prejudice.


Article 9 - Re-invitation guarantee

The EXOCET SARL company is committed to re-invite the Subscriber over a period of 3 years and within business days of the trips if there was no animal encounter in the day. This guarantee can only be applied in a whole day and not in half a day. In addition, this guarantee does not apply when encountered animals do not want to approach the participants in the water. Given their wild nature, not tamed, there may be no constraint on the animal. Several approaches toward the animals will be carried out but the choice to approach the participants will definitely remain theirs.

This guarantee applies only to the activity “swim with the dolphins”.

In any case, this guarantee may apply for the "sport fishing or deep sea fishing".