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Amazing experience and outstanding service onboard
The diving with the dolphins was an amazing experience. We encountered 3 different species. We got to swim surrounded by the pilots dolphins for about 40min. We could hear them communicating and they were very playful. The boat and us swimming around didn't scare them, they actually enjoyed our presence. It was incredibly relaxing. There was no restrictions regarding the time spent into the water, how close to the dolphins we could go... Apart from necessary safety rules like not touching them.
To my understanding, a few boats share a same tracking plane. So I guess it's as likely to meet dolphins with all of them. But... The atmosphere and service on the Moguntia was outstanding. Jean-Christophe, Jean-Michel and Leonard are lovely. They are very knowledgeable, obliging and fun!
We started the day slowly with a brief description of the trip and some tasty pastries. Coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer are available all day long. The lunch was a tasty pan bagna-like sandwich (typically "provencal"). The boat is well equipped, comfortable and clean. The diving equipment is thoroughly cleaned every day. We got the video very quickly, after only 24h.
Thanks guys!
Sladana K.2015-08-27
A unique and unforgettable experience!!!
I would never have imagine that the Mediterranean sea could offer such a treasure so close to its coasts Dolphins, whales and even a gigantic sperm whale, those are the fantastic animals we get to meet and contemplate during our trip. The team, led by its captain Jean-Christophe is very professional and very respectful of the environment. The excursion started with an explanation of the dolphins habits, how to approach them and observe them without impacting in anyway their tranquility. After 30 minutes, we discovered the first group of dolphins, observed them playing in the waves of our boat and we jumped into the water to watch them with a diving mask. The Moguntia team was always around us to guide the group, and the experience is very secure. This is an “once in a lifetime” experience that I will never forget!
Sabin L.2015-08-26
A fantastic experience!! Whales, Sperm Whales...
This was a magical voyage, a fantastic day trip with Moguntia ship and his wonderful captain Jean-Christophe and crew. We had the chance to see and swim with dolphins only 20 minutes after departure thanks to the plane that works with the crew to spot activity at sea. Then we headed to a huge sperm whale and had the chance to swim with it. This was definitely an unforgettable moment. But the day wasn't over yet as Moguntia then took us to see 2 whales that were far from the coast. The professionalism of the crew is with no doubt the reason why the experience was also fantastic. We felt safe even swimming so close to those huge sea animals. I definitely recommend!!
Florian E.2015-08-25
Don't dream, do it !
We spent an exceptional day on Moguntia boat. Nearly everybody dreams to swim with dolphins and actually it seems so natural to do it thanks to the captain,who knows how to approach the animals, and even to make them play with the boat and with swimmers.
We will probably remember this experience for ever.
Many thanks to the crew.
Anne-Sophie R.2015-08-16
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