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Bon cadeau Nage avec les dauphins
  • Bon cadeau Nage avec les dauphins
  • Bon cadeau Nage avec les dauphins

Gift a day of whale, dolphin watching

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The gift voucher will be valid for 3 years.


Meetup at the Vauban port (Antibes) at 8:30 to have breakfast before leaving at 9:00.

We will sail to the heart of the Pelagos sanctuary, a maritime area of 87 500 km², where 30000 dolphins are identified.

The return trip will be late in the afternoon.

The boat does not accept more than 12 people, so the day remains enjoyable.

Included in your offer

  •  a meal and refreshments will be served,

In order to ensure quick spotting of the wonderful Cetaceans of the Mediterranean, an air tracking of the groups of dolphins, whales, sperm whales, pilot done.

After finding the animals, you can observe from the boat! Prepare your camera for some exceptional shots.

A supervised encounter

The animals that you will encounter are wild, their observation in water depends on them only.

Dolphins and other cetaceans are wild animals that should be respected and protected in their natural environment, therefore, it is not allowed to touch them. As a general rule, dolphins approach swimmers at a distance which can vary between 2 and 10 meters, but never allow to touch them, and touching which would be contrary to our ethics.

The dolphin encounter is guaranteed

In case of a cancellation due to bad weather, we can propose one or more replacement dates.

If by exceptional circumstances we do not encounter any animals in the day, you'll be invited back on board for another trip.

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